Commercial LED Lighting

Lighting usually accounts for around half the electricity bills used by companies and large organisations, which is why so many are turning to energy efficient LED lighting - to reduce costs and meet their environmental responsibilities.

Unlike other energy efficient lighting, LED lights have an instant start up time and produce a more constant light of the colour temperature desired (warm white or cool white). LED lighting can also be retrofitted to existing office lighting, so there is no need to replace lighting fixtures.

Reasons to Use Auraglow LED Lighting for Commercial Applications

  • Cut energy costs - A 60-90% reduction in energy use slashes electricity bills.
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). See more information about this below.
  • Cut maintenance costs. With a lifetime of up to 50 000 hours, maintenance costs in replacing blown light bulbs are eliminated.
  • Reduce carbon footprint. To meet environmental obligations.
  • Improve lighting quality. LED lighting is obtainable in a choice of whites and colours, continuous for the complete lifetime as they do not fade.
  • Accomplish lighting consistency. The original lighting design is not lost by blown, faded or mismatched lights.
  • Reduce Health Issues. LED light bulbs do not flicker and therefore migraines and headaches from staff are minimised. Also LED lighting does not mercury and therefore does not possess health risks that CFL’s or fluorescents for example do, if they smash.
  • Reduce air conditioning costs. LED Lights generate little heat.
  • Eliminate UV damage. LEDs do not generate UV light, so furniture and art won’t fade or tarnish.
  • Auraglow LED Light Bulbs are ECA approved. The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme encourages businesses to invest in energy saving solutions that reduce carbon emissions contributing to climate change.

Most of our products come with bulk quantity discounts and have a breakdown table on the appropriate product page. The discount will automatically be applied upon checkout if the quantities ordered are equal or above each bracket.

Most of our LED lighting products are eligible for full corporation tax relief for capitalised lighting equipment under the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme for energy saving technologies. Tax relief can be claimed on the purchase and installation costs of the ECA approved Auraglow products, after we issue your business a certificate for your accountants to file with HMRC.

ECA Taxable Savings Example:

£10,000 spent on a lighting project using ECA approved Auraglow LED Light Bulbs would reduce the business’s tax bill by £2400 (assuming company pays full corporation tax rate).

Please contact us if you are involved in a large project and would like to discuss additional discounts to see if we can assist. To find out more speak to one of our sales representatives on 01708 691 123 who will be happy to advise you further.

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