Warning for other importers

This is a review for a company called Hangzhou Eastern electrical Co.,Ltd based in China.
We do not want any other companies to lose out like we did!

We have created this blog in the hope that anyone doing business with Hangzhou Eastern Electrical Co Ltd will do a Google search and this post will show up in the search results.

At Auraglow, product safety and quality are the two most important things we look at when developing our product range.
When we bring in a new product we have the samples tested to the relevant EU standards using a company called Intertek.

We recently used a plug accessory manufacturer called Hangzhou Eastern Electrical Co Ltd for an order of plug socket adapters that we had a market for.
The samples were all approved by Intertek and we placed our order.

However when the goods arrived, the product we received was manufactured differently to the approved samples.
Basically the goods were unsellable as they were unsafe from the result of the above manufacturer cutting corners.

Our dispute has been filed with the manufacturer but they are refusing to offer us a refund.

In the interest of product safety and to stop others suffering any financial loss we urge all businesses not to trade with this company.

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