Summer Lighting!

Summer is upon us here in the northern hemisphere and this year is looking to be one of the hottest and brightest yet. The obvious impact of this is that we’ll all be spending more time outdoors. With that in mind, what options are there to keep you illuminated as the sun eventually dips below the horizon?

Wall Lights:

Wall lighting is the perfect way to keep your garden lit over the summer evenings and there is an enormous range of styles and functions to choose from. Up and down lights for instance look gorgeous, accent your house and provide light to relax by. Where functionality is concerned, you have options including daylight sensors, PIR motion sensors or both combined. With a daylight sensor, your light will automatically turn itself on when the light gets low, so you don’t have to interrupt your evening to go to the light switch. With a PIR sensor, the light knows you are there and automatically activates with your movement and then switches itself off when you go inside. For those who want the option, some of Auraglow’s lights even feature an override mode that allows you to bypass these functions and activate the light manually.

Ground Lights:

Another brilliant way to light up your garden is by using path and post lights. Just like the wall lights there are a wide variety of designs to compliment your space. Whether you are after larger post lights to create more of a statement, or something smaller and more subtle like recessed spike lights, there are options for you.


Ground Lights


These lights are perfect for adding light to accent a pathway or other features like flowerbeds and ponds. Recessed deck lighting will do the same for your decking or patio areas, accentuating areas while providing light to entertain or relax to.

Decorative Pieces:

Practicality isn’t everything, sometimes it’s important to jazz things up. One great example of this is string/fairy lights. Not just designed for the Christmas tree, fairy lights look great in the garden during summer evenings. Wrapped around plants and fence posts, these lights can create a bright and fun atmosphere. Table lights are another way to introduce light into your garden in an attractive yet simple way. Most are incredibly easy to set up and are simply battery or solar powered.

One powerful piece of decorative functionality that can be common to all these lighting styles is colour. Coloured bulbs or colour changing lights can work to create a fun and interesting environment. It can be the feature that really sets off a summer evening party.

Solar Lights:

If you want to read a quick overview about why solar is a fantastic investment, follow this link to one the previous entries:

The biggest and most obvious lighting technology to take advantage of during the summer months is of course solar power. There are lights of all the types mentioned previously that take advantage of this technology, which is environmentally friendly, cost effective and simple to use.

Auraglow have recently introduced a brand-new line of stylish, solar powered wall lights. So, if you are looking to add some new lights to your home and are thinking about using solar power, take a look at these options: –

Solar Wall Lights

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