Proud Winners of Havering Business Award

Being a small business, building our reputation is everything. We were immensely pleased and proud to be awarded the Environmental Award at the Havering Business Awards nearly a year ago in October 2015. Holding this award has been recognition for our responsibility towards environmental considerations, a responsibility we take very seriously.

We are proud of our staff and suppliers who have made winning this award possible.

Havering Business Awards

The Havering Business Awards are organised by the London Borough of Havering and are made up of several different categories. Each year some of ten or so awards remain the same, and some, like the Environmental Award are changed each year. Not being a regular award for the taking, and not being available this October, we were keen to present ourselves as worthy when the opportunity arose.

These are sought-after awards and there are stringent criteria to meet. Auraglow succeeded in meeting and exceeding all of the relevant criteria. To be short-listed as a finalist would have been a huge honour, with only three businesses or individuals being short-listed in each category. We were therefore thrilled when Auraglow was announced as the winner for the Havering Business Award Environmental category.

Why Auraglow Is Streets Ahead Environmentally

Lighting units have traditionally been power-zappers and made a notable impact as users of non-renewable fossil fuels. At Auraglow we’ve been determined to minimise our carbon footprint and our environmental impact.

The primary way we have made this possible is by focusing on future lighting development that uses LED lighting. LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than CFL bulbs, saving around 85% on lighting bulbs. Further environmental considerations are that LED bulbs have a 35,000 hour lifetime which is a staggering increase on standard bulbs. Additionally, LED bulbs have no mercury content.

These, combined with other criteria measures, mean that Auraglow is recognised as a leading business in the environmental stakes. We take our environmental responsibility seriously.

The Awards Ceremony

Being presented the Environmental Award was exciting in itself. The 2015 Havering Business Awards ceremony was attended by over 300 other businesses from the borough and included business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and media representatives. The Award ceremony takes place combined with a prestigious dinner where the representatives for Auraglow were able to network with like-minded future based businesses.

Being able to raise the profile and credentials of Auraglow through the presentation of this prestigious award has enabled us to continue to feed on our success. We are determined to be a leading lighting specialist for the future and continuously deliver on our reputation.

We’re looking forward to the future of Auraglow and the successes yet to be recognised and those yet to be achieved, whilst grateful for the recognition gained. We strive to ensure we are the best in our field and are looking to our design and production processes of the future ensure we always marry business success with environmental conscience.

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