Lightbulbs on Production Scales – Auraglow Visit China

We get through a lot of lightbulbs at Auraglow! As lighting specialists and distributors we not only need bulbs for all of our varied fittings, from our indoor decorative lights to our outdoor sensor lights and commercial security lights, but we also sell an enormous range of bulbs themselves.

Every single one of the LED lightbulbs we use and sell at Auraglow comes from one reliable supplier. For a small business like ourselves, we need a trusted supplier who understands our requirements, has our success driving their own success, and a close working relationship with our business.

Each of our LED lightbulbs starts its life at our factory in Hangzhou, China. They dutifully match our exact requirements to ensure we can bring our customers the best products.

Managing Director Visit to Hangzhou

Recently, Auraglow’s Managing Director, Sam Field, took the opportunity to visit our lightbulb manufacturer in Hangzhou, China, for one week. The purpose of the trip was to visit the factory where all of our LED lightbulbs are produced. Whilst modern technology is invaluable for close relationships throughout the supply chain, you simply can’t beat a personal visit.

Several of Auraglow’s exciting new lighting products that are currently in development stages are going to rely on the production staff at Hangzhou. Keeping ahead of the times we have plans to launch a Bluetooth Controlled Colour Changing Light. Part of this development is reliant on the production line at Hangzhou understanding our requirements and delivering a reliable product time after time.

Lightbulb Production Line Highlights

Being able to see the operating production line in action was a highlight of the trip. Most notable was the extremely high level of Quality Control that goes in to producing each and every bulb for Auraglow. Knowing that our stock is reliable and of the highest calibre is incredibly important to us, so seeing how this is ensured was very worthwhile.

Additionally, it was a fantastic opportunity to see many of the different prototypes being produced within the factory and a chance to envisage the ways we could incorporate new and different lines in to our offerings. Furthermore we were able to discuss product improvements we’d like to see, and ways in which we can implement changes as they develop.

Away from the Production Line and on to the Goal Line

It wasn’t all work and no play, and a surprise highlight of the trip was seeing the Football Pitch in action that has been built exclusively for the staff of the lightbulb factory. With concerns regarding production line welfare frequently high on our corporate ethical agenda, it was wonderful to see a truly modern factory with employment perks we ourselves are a little envious of. We’ll just have to settle for supplying LED floodlighting for football pitches closer to home!

The Future of Auraglow LED Lightbulbs

We’re pleased to have been afforded the opportunity to see our LED lightbulbs being produced and feel reassured that all of our LED lightbulbs, from the B22 Bayonet to the LED Candle Bulbs have all been produced with Hangzhou care and attention.

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