LED Sensor Lighting – What? Why? How?

In our experience homeowners often ‘make do’ or settle for a home-grown lighting set-up that does the job, often in a not ideal way. The reason: you don’t know the options open to you, such as LED sensor lighting.

Lighting has undergone a seismic shift. You don’t have to settle for making do. Let’s match some solutions to some common home problems.

Don’t Wake the Baby

LED sensor lighting can transform parents’ lives. You’ve lulled them in to the land of dreams, and oh-so-carefully moved their hot little body in to their cot. You begin the ninja stealth creep from the room, forgetting that it got dark whilst you were doing the nightly routine. You trip over a lights-and -ound toy and inwardly swear as baby wakes and you have to start again.

If you had an LED daylight sensor light (link: https://www.auraglow.co.uk/automatic-plug-in-colour-changing-led-night-light.html) that automatically switched on when it got dark, baby would still be sleeping, you’d be downstairs with a glass of wine.

Now you’ve got a whirlwind of a toddler who wakes bright and breezy at 5am. Or you’ve got a four year old who’s prone to bad dreams and wakes distressed at 2am. Or a teen who is nocturnal. A Battery Operated Wireless Motion Sensor Hallway Night Light (link: https://www.auraglow.co.uk/battery-operated-motion-sensor-hallway-night-light.html) could be just the tool to stop night-time corridor stubbed toes.

And that other parenting issue: night time toileting. Whether it’s you or your child, the toilet can be used, with accuracy, thanks to the Auraglow Motion Activated Toilet Bowl light (link: https://www.auraglow.co.uk/auraglow-led-motion-activated-toilet-bowl-night-light.html).

Choose Your Outfit Wisely

It seemed a brilliant idea to convert the old airing cupboard in to a semi-walk-in wardrobe. Until you realised you were wearing a Christmas tie in a board meeting. It also can’t be that hard to get dressed in the dark whilst your partner slumbers on, can it?

With motion sensor LED lighting, automatically giving you just the right amount of light when you open the wardrobe door, you can be sure you’ll look your best. No blouse sporting specks of tissue from the laundry, no chance of picking the blue shirt when you were convinced you were wearing green.

Auraglow have a couple of easy solutions: the Auraglow Wireless PIR Motion Sensor LED Strip Light (link: https://www.auraglow.co.uk/auraglow-wireless-pir-motion-sensor-led-strip-light.html) available in warm or cool white, and our Wireless Rechargeable (link: https://www.auraglow.co.uk/auraglow-wireless-pir-motion-sensor-25-led-rechargeable-under-cabinet-wardrobe-night-light-2nd-generation.html) option.

Keep Secure

Probably the best known purpose for LED sensor lighting is security. Whilst you may have dismissed sensor lighting since the days it went off when the wind blew, or simply because you didn’t fancy the wiring-in job that it required, times have changed.

For a simple, easy-to-fix, reliable LED sensor light for security purposes, indoors or out, you can’t go wrong with the Auraglow Battery Operated Motion Activated PIR Sensor Cordless Security Light (link: https://www.auraglow.co.uk/auraglow-battery-operated-motion-activated-pir-sensor-cordless-security-light.html). And if you need to investigate what set it off, you can whip the light’s centre out to act as a torch.

The Future is Bright

LED Sensor Lighting is now reliable, affordable, and comes ready for a range of purposes. No longer do you need to make do. Choose lighting that is up to the job.

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