How to add some vibrant colour to your home

At Auraglow we think innovation is key, but we also want technology to be accessible. Colour changing bulbs are a huge part of the emerging smart home industry right now, so we thought we should take a moment to look at: What they are and how they work, what home automation can do in terms of lighting and how you can implement it in your home without breaking the bank.

What are they?

One of the greatest things about LEDs is their versatility. Not only are they more efficient and longer lasting than conventional bulbs but they can come in a range of colours. By changing the semiconductor material used in the diode they emit different colours of light.


RGB LED Bulbs RGB coloured LED bulbs


In addition, there are colour changing bulbs that can turn to any shade you want. They work through a clever application of three different coloured LEDs (RGB) within the bulb, then through a controller within the bulb they can generate a range of different hues.

What’s so great about them?

These colourful lights are fantastic for a range of different reasons. Maybe you want to jazz up your living room with a vibrant bulb, if you have a bar or pub they’re perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere and obviously they look fantastic at parties and festivals. The idea is to draw out emotions and create an ambiance that suits the mood.

The introduction of smart technology also conveniently allows you to connect these lights to your smart phone via Bluetooth or WIFI.  Using cleverly designed apps on your phone you can change the colour of your lighting on the fly or even set up automation by adding timers that turn your lights on or off for you. Now with the dawn of smart home technology, some bulbs take it even further. For instance, those of us who struggle to get out of bed in the morning, you could program your bedroom lights to come on automatically but at a natural pace that slowly gets brighter, mimicking natural light and aiding in the waking process. There are a range of smart options for the home, with hubs that control everything from a central location and most include voice control. Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home hubs for instance allow you to adapt your lighting with a simple phrase. CNET produced a fantastic post giving 5 reasons why you should think about smart lighting:

How can I afford that? 

Not everyone has the tech savvy or indeed the budget to deck out their home with automated lighting systems and voice activated AI. Don’t despair though, there are affordable options available. At Auraglow we pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality lighting solutions at a reasonable price. There are options for a variety of bulb types, whether you need a B22, E27 or GU10 you are covered here. There are also three types of control available: Infrared, radio frequency and Bluetooth. The former allows you to change the colour when you have line of sight to the bulb and is a simple to use and cost-effective way to add a splash of colour to a room. The radio-controlled variant gives you a much larger range and gives you the ability to control groups of lights at once, a better option for a larger installation like a series of garden path lights. Finally, the Bluetooth option gives you all the abilities that others give but with much finer control; you can choose from over a million different colour options and can tune the brightness to your preference, set up timers and it even has a sunrise mode to help wake you up in the morning.

So, whether you’re looking for something simple to liven up your home or you want a smarter option with a variety of different controls, you don’t have to break the bank. There are affordable choices for you out there.

To see our full range of colour changing lights, including Bluetooth bulbs currently on offer, visit:

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