Auraglow on the Fashion Scene

Auraglow are no strangers to providing lighting to exhibitions and shows, it’s very much part of our business. Each and every opportunity brings a new set of challenges, and a new chance to utilise our latest technology. One unique opportunity was providing the ceiling panel lights for the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition.

Lighting for Fashion Events

No matter what the exhibition we always have one key aim: to showcase the client’s product or service, quite literally, in the best light. This is of paramount importance for fashion events, especially for such high calibre garments and items for such a famous and high-end brand as Louis Vuitton.

The Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition held at 180 Strand adjacent to Somerset House was an unconventional show entitled ‘Past, Present, Future’ and was very much a walk-through of the mind of Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquiére as well as the development of the Louis Vuitton brand. With much anticipation about the exhibition it was essential for Auraglow’s part in the lighting to be absolutely flawless.

Lighting the Exhibition

We utilised our popular and reliable ceiling panel lights to create the right atmosphere needed for the exhibition as a whole. The space the exhibition took up is both vast and has a real retro edge and the lighting needed to reflect this. For the Louis Vuitton CEO it was essential that visitors should be “able to feel it” and therefore it was imperative to create a space that reflected the emotion and creativity that went in to the fourth of Nicolas Ghesquiére’s ready-to-wear women’s collection since joining the fashion house.

Additionally, the another aim of the exhibition was to showcase the collection in a spectacular interactive form: speaking volumes about the creation of each piece, the creative and production process, and the influences each had met. This meant quirks such as spinning rooms, giant digital replay, and even individual craftspeople creating bags in action. The pressure to get the overhead lighting right was huge!

When everything is so visual, lighting is absolutely key to the overall success. Louis Vuitton produce coveted luxury items and as such they have to be showcased well. Combine this with an immersive exhibit, and knowing it would be hitting Instagram, Twitter, and all other Social Media channels meant we had to get it right.

Bright Whites and Bright Lights

A particular challenge for this exhibition was the stark white canvas of blocks, models, sculptures and the like which were only accented by the collection items themselves. This made the overhead lighting a crucial factor to the overall display. For anyone working in lighting you’ll know that bright white can be incredibly difficult to work with. Fortunately our ceiling panel lights were perfect for the job.

Exhibition Success

With due care and well thought-out planning, Auraglow was pleased that not only was the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition a success for the fashion house, but it was a resounding success for us too. We were pleased to showcase the Louis Vuitton products in the best possible light.

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