Auraglow on Channel 4's Buy It Now!

Buy It Now is Channel 4’s answer to Dragon’s Den, a great TV show where entrepreneurs have 90 seconds to pitch product ideas to the audience, to potentially get an order from a big national retailer.

Presented by the talented Brian Conley, small business owners and inventors can present their unique products to a captive audience of potential buyers. Anything from clothing or lighting to gadgets or toys can be showcased in their 90 second spot. The audience then must decide whether they would purchase the item by switching on a light, just based on the merits of the product. The product owner then reveals the price for the item and the audience has the chance to change their mind.

The audience acts as a sort of market research group for the next stage of the process, the professional buyers. If the seller manages to make a sale to the audience, they then move on to speak to buyers for large retail companies like JML, Prezzybox and Clas Ohlson. They then decide if they want to make a potentially life changing bulk order for the item and sell it under their name or in their stores.

Beware, spoilers ahead! – If you want to keep it a surprise visit to watch for yourself.


Plug in uplighter


Our MD Sam took to the stage in episode 5 with the Plugin Uplighter. A clever product designed to turn generally unsightly plug sockets into interesting lighting features. Despite the fast pace and pressure, Sam managed to win over the audience. 22 people went all the way and decided to purchase the uplighter, commenting on its use of efficient LED bulbs that don’t get hot, its ability to be controlled remotely and even change colour.

This then meant that Sam got to speak to the buyers. While not all the retailers thought they could take on the product, one spotted the potential. JML, a major retailer that sells in a range of shops like Boots, Homebase, Asda and Debenhams, liked the product enough to place an order of 2000 units. Not to mention the 22 that the audience went home with, overall it was an order worth over £30,000!


Sam with the uplighters Sam with the uplighters


It was a huge win for Sam and for Auraglow. Not only was it a fantastic opportunity to showcase the product to some big names but the positive response from the audience showed that this is something that people are genuinely interested in and would love to have in their homes. Looking to the future, we will be working hard on developing new and interesting lighting innovations that could add that something extra special to your home.

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