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Auraglow Wire Rice Light Glass Cylinder Lantern-Medium - [WAREHOUSE DEAL]

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Product Description
  • Gently illuminate your rooms while adding soft design accents with these lanterns’ warm light LEDs and sleek, curved components of honeyed metal.
  • An in-built timer function allows for users to set daily light-up schedules of four-hour durations for the lanterns, meaning that they will turn on at a set time.
  • The lanterns are powered by 3 x AA batteries, so positioning them around any home is a breeze due to their cordless nature.
  • They are available in three sizes: small (8 x 8 x 15.5cm), medium (8 x 8 x 20cm) and large (8 x 8 x 25.5cm)
  • They can be purchased as individual lanterns or as a mixed bundle of three so you have one of each size.

Et lux in tenebris lucet

Illuminate the corners of your living room in a whimsical warmth, highlight a shelf with homey ambience, or brighten up an evening garden party with a novel glow. Auraglow’s Wire Rice Light Glass Cylinder Lanterns are the modern manifestation of childhood wonder tempered by mature sensibilities. Reminiscent of twinkling fireflies caught in glass jars, these pinpricks of light nestled in their delicate tangles of fine wire compromise between a juvenile taste for messy fun and an older appreciation for neatness.

Their cylindrical form adds curvature and softness to interiors that might otherwise be all sharp angles and unforgiving edges. Meanwhile, the warm tones of both the LEDs and the base component are ideal for standing out in cooler palettes and more monochromatic scenes without rudely interrupting the overall interior design. The compact size of each lantern also means that they are easy to slot into whatever empty niche you have left on your shelves, just waiting to be filled and illuminated.


A lamp for the home and the road

The Wire Rice Light Glass Cylinder Lanterns are more than just their pretty exterior. These lanterns are made to be easy to handle and display, both in their design and their functionality. Their manageable sizes mean that anyone, from an excited student brightening up their room to a tired white-collar worker looking for a quick fix to a dark corner of their workspace, can grasp luminosity in their palms and relocate it to any space they wish.

This is made easier by the cordless nature of these lanterns. Since they only require three AA batteries to function and have no wiring beyond the artful scramble ensconced in the cylindrical component, users need not worry about wrangling trailing lengths of tripping hazards through narrow gaps between walls and furniture just to add a bit of a warm glow to their space. Beyond that, the timer function is also particularly useful for the person looking to automate their lifestyle and introduce light into their spaces on a schedule, fuss-free. Once you set the lanterns to turn on at a specific time, they will continue to do so every day for a four-hour duration, alongside any manual turning on of the lanterns.

More Information
More Information
Brand Auraglow
Light Function Standard On/Off
Colour Temperature Warm White
Warranty 1 year
Part Code AG703, AG704, AG705
IEC Protection Class No class

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