Auraglow Rechargeable LED Candles, Colour Changing - 4pc Set

Auraglow Rechargeable LED Candles, Colour Changing - 4pc Set

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  • Luxury rechargeable LED candle lights from Auraglow. The cream of the crop if you have a home with high-spec features and require LED candles of the highest quality.
  • Colour changing candles with flicker technology to accurately simulate the bright glow of a real candle and add colour to any room. Remote control - Control all of the LED lights in one click. Functions include on/off, timer, light/candle mode and dimmer
  • Inductive charging – No connectors or fiddly pins required! Simply place the candles in the tray and they will begin charging wirelessly with individual LED charging indicators.
  • Includes 4x LED lights, 1x Charging tray, 1x Remote control & USB Charging Cable
  • Long-life – One charge provides 13-16 hours of light for all day use. Plus, unlike cheaper brands, they can be charged up to 500 times with no loss of brightness. *Glassware not included


We’ll say it here and now: if you consider the lowest price to be the most important factor, then these LED candle lights are not right for you.

The team at Auraglow have developed luxury rechargeable LED candle lights for when quality really matters. No cheap mass-manufactured replicas. Just lights which are the epitome of quality in construction, durability, life and ambiance.

They’re perfect for anyone who goes the extra mile when it comes to features for their home, and it’s certainly a difference you can see and feel.

The inductive wireless charger and remote control included.


Each light contains a premium LED bulb for unparalleled richness and warmth with an authentic flicker effect. Plus, the geniuses at Auraglow have also managed to build a wireless charger, long-life rechargeable battery and RF remote sensor into each light for the pinnacle of functionality.


Control all of the LED candle lights in a single click with the remote control. You can turn them on and off, set a timer, switch between flickering candle or solid light mode, and even dim the lights to create the perfect atmosphere. With our colour changing lights, you can also select a range of different colours and modes from the remote.


Unlike cheap charging trays which use exposed pins, the Auraglow LED candle lights use INDUCTIVE CHARGING, where they simply sit in the tray and begin charging wirelessly. Each light is a sealed unit with no connectors or exposed pins in sight!

Each light also has its own LED charging indicator, so you know exactly which ones are charged and which ones are not.


The first charge takes 20 hours, but from that point on, a full charge only takes 8 hours, which provides an incredible 13-16 hours of light per charge. This means they’re ideal for all-day use and overnight charging. The lights can also be charged up to 500 times without any loss in brightness.


These Auraglow LED candle lights have been designed for use in our glass candle holders, with a range of beautiful designs to enhance the style in your home even further.


The LED candle lights come with a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from Auraglow, one of the world’s leading brands in LED lighting.


-          LED candle light size: 70mm height x 40mm depth

-          Inductive charging tray size: 125mm length x 110mm width x 40mm height

-          Remote control settings: on/off, timer, light/candle mode and dimmer

-          A single 8 hour charge provides 13-16 hours of light

-          Includes 4 candles, charging tray, remote control & USB Charging Cable

-          1 year manufacturer’s warranty

If you want to invest in only the best for your home when it comes to safety, durability, quality, lifespan and functionality, with a twinkling candle effect to add beautiful warmth to any room, then these Auraglow rechargeable LED candle lights are the perfect fit. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Auraglow
Light Function Standard On/Off
Part Code AG255

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