Auraglow Rechargeable USB Cork Bottle String Lights - Twin Pack

Auraglow Rechargeable USB Cork Bottle String Lights - Twin Pack

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  • Turn any bottle, full or empty, into a beautiful ornamental lighting piece. Simply submerge the string light in the bottle and switch it on at the cork!
  • The 15 LED lights on the 1.5 metre waterproof wire illuminate inside the bottle for a beautiful sparkling glow
  • Pop off the cork top to reveal a USB plug which you can plug into any USB port for a full charge in only 20 minutes which provides a massive 6 HOURS of light.
  • Illuminate bottles of liquid, or use them in empty bottles for stunning decorative lighting pieces.
  • With the in-built rechargeable battery, there are NO messy dangling cables like mains powered or battery pack bottle lights. **This offer is for a set of two cork lights**


If you like quirky and unusual lighting which really has that wow factor, then this rechargeable bottle cork string light will be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.

Each cork has 15 waterproof lights on a sealed wire. Once they’re placed in a bottle and turned on with a twist of the cork, they will illuminate inside the bottle and create a twinkling light piece which really enhances the ambiance of any room.

Charge with ease in 20 minutes

Take the authentic cork top off the cap to reveal a standard USB plug which can be inserted into any USB port on a computer, laptop or adapter for charging in only 20 minutes. Best of all, a single charge produces a whopping 6 hours of operation. This ensures that they’ll last a whole evening between charges.

Fast, simple and no cables required! There’s even an in-built LED light which turns off when the charging is complete.

Simply beautiful lighting

This rechargeable bottle cork string light turns any bottle into a stunning lighting piece in seconds. Use them as the centrepiece of a dinner table, or place them around the home for head-turning lights which make fantastic use of any of your favourite used bottles.

The warm white glow of each LED also makes them extremely versatile, as you can easily change the overall colour of the bottle light by using different bottles. Clear bottles for white light, brown bottles for yellow light, green bottles for green light and so on. The choice is yours!

No unsightly cables

Using most bottle lights as ornamental lighting pieces can be ruined by messy power cables coming out the top and running down the side. As these Auraglow bottle lights have an in-built rechargeable battery with extra long-life, everything is contained in the bottle and cork top. Easy to use, easy to move, and simply much more impressive to look at.

They can even be submerged

Use them in dry empty bottles, or even place them into bottles containing any liquid, such as water or alcohol, for a different effect.

This rechargeable USB bottle cork light also comes with Auraglow’s renowned reliability, performance and 12 month warranty as standard.

Not just for Christmas, looks great all year round!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Auraglow
Light Function Standard On/Off
Part Code AG362

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